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About Happy Jam

Happy Jam has started after having two kids, a job and a life to organise. I always had a passion for beautifully organized spaces so it was easy to start Happy Jam. Since I was 13 years old I started working in peoples’ houses cleaning and tidying up. I have also worked in two main local clothes stores which has helped me develop my creativity and designed unique organizing systems to manage the store.

For as long as I can remember has been helping friends declutter and organize their houses. So when I had the kids, it was a handy skill to have, to keep toys, accessories, wardrobes and the kitchen tidy up. Founding Happy Jam it was just an extension of what I was already doing. But being able to express my passion and be able to help other families and individuals transform their lives it is a dream.


M: 07534818005

E: happyjam37@gmail.com


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